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Business and commercial photography in Berkshire.


Here’s some favourite images from an interesting shoot I did recently.

A local company called Lebaas,who specialise in Arabic and Islamic clothing, booked me to take some shots for their website and brochures. This was something different to the norm and interesting to do as the clothes were mainly jet black adorned with strong patterns and colours. This made it easier to light and process without having to worry about blown out highlights.

Anyhow here we have Katie who was a brilliant model and who made my job a lot easier. She actually lives in Dubai so is familiar with the garments and how best to pose in them. Katie also spends a lot of time here in the UK as well so if anyone is on the lookout for a great model then let me know.


Below are some more favourites and please feel free to add any comments


Musician Photography in Reading, Berkshire


I seem to do an increasing amount of business portraits – whether its for website usage or just general publicity.

Here’s a few recent shots of Frank who is a country and western singer and wanted some studio portraits for his website and also for a new album he’ll be releasing shortly. I love this type of studio photography and to produce a really sharp and punchy black and white. Below are some more favourites


Portrait of a Jazz Singer

Here are some recent shots I took of Judy who is an excellent Jazz singer and also a past client. These were for a new website and for promotional purposes. I must say she sung beautifully, as expected, during the session which really helped. These type of sessions are always fun to do and are becoming more frequent as people need decent images to promote themselves. Some more favourites can be seen below


Business portraits in Reading, Berkshire

Happy new year and welcome to my first post of 2010.

Everyone is talking and moaning about the snow at the moment, myself included. However I recently used it to my advantage on a recent business portrait session.

David and Chris run a very successful recruitment agency GCS Ltd here in Reading and wanted some upto date publicity shots. But they wanted something a bit different to the usual formal type of shot (top image below). Their company has a fun, informal atmosphere and where football and music are very much part of the agenda (outside of working hours of course !) They therefore wanted some shots to reflect this. So after taking a few formal ones in the studio I decided it would be great to do a few outside in the snow. Below are some favourites, enjoy